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Who Do YOU Say That Jesus Is?

Many today say that Jesus was a great teacher, a fine example of true love, and some even say He was a prophet. But who did Jesus say He was, and even more important, who do YOU say Jesus was? Did you know that the Bible says only God can forgive sins? Did you know that the Bible says that if our sins are not forgiven that we will be found guilty on the day of judgment and cast into a place of eternal punishment called Hell? Did you know that Jesus claimed that He alone had the power to forgive sins? If that is true, then He was not just a great teacher, or a fine example, or a prophet that hung on the cross, it was God in the flesh – the one the Jews called “Emmanuel” which means “God With Us” . Read Below From the text of the tray liner of our last CD “Blessed x7” because there is another very Important Question we must ask:

Are You Good Enough To Go To Heaven?



To Read The Text On The Inside Of The Tray Liner, Click HERE

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